Because of Love >

Franko B: Because of Love >

Laura Burns [This is Tomorrow] (October 2013)

Franko B: Because of Love >

Fred Dalmasso [Total Theatre] (May 2013)

Franko B - The Place, London >

Jessica Sabatini [The Public Reviews] (March 2013)

Franko B: Because of Love >

Honour Bayes [Total Theatre] (March 2013)

Franko B: Because of Love, The Place Theatre, London >

Jareh Das [Aesthetica] (March 2013)

Franko B: Because of Love >

Eleanor Sikorski [Bellyflop Magazine] (March 2013)

Because of Love >

Diana Damian [Exuent] (May 2012)

• Franko B - Because of Love: l’Arte si fa con il Fundraising >

Maria Vittoria Berti [Exibart.com] (December 2011)


Woof Woof I’m Back!! >

Woof Woof I’m Back: Franko B at the Mayor’s Parlour Gallery >

Ellen Turner [Sang Bleu] (February 2015)

Franko B ‘Woof Woof I’m Back’ >

Amy Dignam [Desperate Artwife] (February 2015)


I’m Thinking of You >

Franko B Entre, Hypnose et Provoc >

Aurelia Hillaire (2012)

‘Happenings’, el Arte Politico de Remover a las Minorias >

Antonio J Rodriguez [Publico] (July 2009)

‘I’m Thinking of You’ Franko B >

Lisa Skuret [Nowiswere 4 (page 13)] (April 2009)

Performers Open Eyes and Minds >

Mart Brennan [Herald Scotland) (February 2009)


Aktion 893: Why Are You Here? >

Nude Artist Strips Fans >

Paul Arendt [The Guardian] (February 2005)

I Didn’t Know Where to Look >

Lyn Gardner [The Guardian] (March 2005)


Love in Times of Pain >

Exhibition Preview: Franko B, Newcastle upon Tyne >

• Robert Clark [The Guardian] (April 2009)

Pick of the Week: Exhibitions >

• [The Guardian] (May 2009)


Don’t Leave Me This Way >

Franko B Don’t Leave Me This Way >

Lola McEvoy [Pulp Magazine] (November 2008)

Flash of Inspiration from Franko B >

[Metro] (October 2008)

• Various Press Clippings >

[Metro Life (x3), Guardian Guide, Sheffield Telegraph] (December 2007 - March 2008)

Franko B: Don’t Leave Me This Way >

Addie Chinn [Urban Junkies] (July 2008)

Preview >

Lyn Gardner and Mark Cook [The Guardian] (December 2007)

general press articles and other media:

Franko B: Personal, Political, Poetic >

Elea Himmelsbach [Artvoices Magazine] (Winter 2016)

Le Corps, Arme Artistique de Franko B >

[Tracks - Arte] (October 2015)

Derramamiento Sangre en el Arte Contemporaneo >

Hector Ricvett [Seres de Moda] (July 2014)

Rosso su Bianco, la Poetica del Sangue >

Lucilla Biagiotti [Ottostorto] (March 2014)

Don’t Touch Me There >

[Franko B’s performance night at the Flying Dutchman] Lisa Newman [Artillery Magazine] (January 2013)

The Open Image >

Eugenio Viola [Dust Magazine] (November 2012)

• Franko B Conversazione Intima >

Giuseppe Carrubba [Newl’Ink] (April 2012)

Top 10 Most Intense Performance Art Pieces >

[Huffington Post] (December 2011)

Franko B: io Infamoso >

Nikla Cingolani [Infinito Spazio] (September 2011)

Franko B >

[Rai Cultura] (2011)

Top Ten [performance artists] >

Anthony Thornley [the Observer Arts Supplement] (2010)

Franko B - Sangrando Pela Arte >

Barbara Valentina [Umbigo Magazine] (October 2010)

Editorial Portrait - Franko B >

Davide Iemmola [Behance] (March 2010)

Franko B / Zhang Huan, Deposizione e Posizione >

Francesca Guerisoli [Arskey] (April 2008)

I am the Medium Brings Live Art to UCSB >

Elizabeth Schwyzer [Santa Barbara Independent] (October 2007)

Below the Surface >

Alastair Gee [the Moscow Times] (October 2007)

Franko B >

Christopher Collett [Metro] (March 2006)

What Can the Arts Bring to Medical Training? >

Suzy Wilson [the Lancet] (2006)

Wonders and Blunders >

Franko B [the Guardian] (February 2005)

Letter From London >

Katie Stone [The Brooklyn Rail] (November 2003)

Nude Artist Starts ‘Cutting’ Show >

[BBC News] (16th May 2002)

Nude Artist Denies ‘Cutting’ Claims >

[BBC News] (8th May 2002)

Bloody Perculiar >

Lyn Gardner [the Guardian] (May 2001)

Franko’s Arty Revolution >

Rebecca Tanqueray [London Evening Standard] (March 2001)

Life Support >

Debbie Lawson [the Observer] (July 2000)

It’s a Bleeding Liberty >

Rachel Halliburton [the Independent] (April 2000)

• Art in Their Blood >

Judith Palmer [the Independent] (April 1998)

Corporal Punishment >

Judith Palmer [the Independent] (April 1996)

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Reviews and press articles about specific works:

Aktion 398 >

Come into My Parlour >

Emma Safe [the Guardian] (May 2002)

• Franko B at the Centre of Attention >

Steve Slocombe [Sleazenation] (February 2000)


I Still Love >

Il Corpo, l’Amore e Franko B >

[il Giornale dell’Arte] (November 2010)

Franko B, l’Artista Malato d’Amore >

[la Repubblica] (October 2010)

Lo Zoo Doloroso di Franko B >

Francesca Bonazzoli [Corriere della Sera] (October 2010)

Love in the Time of Franko B >

Silvia Colombo [Artitude] (October 2010)

Franko B ‘I Still Love’: Exhibition Preview >

[Getty Images] (October 2010)

Franko B, al Pac il re della Body Art piu  Trasgressiva >

[affaritaliani.it] (October 2010)

L’Altra Faccia di Eros. Franko B al Pac con I Still Love >

Giovanni Bertuccio [Whipart] (October 2010)

Franko B. I Still Love al PAC >

[Mediaset] (October 2010)

Franko B: “I Still Love (In Times of Pain)” - Performance e mostra al Pac (Milano) >

Kate P. [La Tracchia] (October 2010)

Franko B: l’Artista che Esibisce se Stesso >

Marina Pellegrino [Mr Flock] (October 2010)

Quant’e Romantico Franko B >

Michela Moro [Oggi] (October 2010)

I Still Love Franko B >

[GDA Press] (October 2010)

Dopo Cattelan Arriva Franko B >

Panza Pierluigi [Corriere Della Sera] (September 2010)


Someone to Love >

Franko B ‘Someone to Love’ >

Lucy Smalley (November 2011)


Fil Rouge >

Ricucire la Guerra, Dorare la Morte. Franko B da Antonio Marras >

Marta Cereda [Artribune] (March 2013)

Rosso come il sangue >

Valentina Cavera [Insideart] (February 2013)

Amore, Solitudine e Fragilita Secondo Franko B >

Francesca Bonazzoli [Corriere della Sera] (February 2013)

Franko B con Fil Rouge in Mostra a Milano >

[Arts Life] (February 2013)


Full of Love >

Franko B, Torino, Marena Rooms Gallery >

Barbara Reale [exibart] (April 2007)


The Black Period >

Franko B. Milano, Galleria Pack >

Stefano Castelli [exibart] (December 2006)

The Black Period - Franko B >

[Arskey] (November 2006)


Volume 2 >

Franko B. Milano, Galleria Pack >

Francesca Tollardo [exibart] (November 2004)


I Miss You >

• Bloody Sunday >

[Art Review] (May 2003)

• No Blood, No Glory >

Rachel Campbell-Johnston [The Times] (May 2001)

We’re Close Enough To See Into His Eyes And To Watch His Chest Heave >

Louise Gray [The Independent] (April 2000)


Oh Lover Boy >

Bloody Perculiar >

Lyn Gardner [the Guardian] (May 2001)


Please Disturb Me >

Art Break Hotel >

Claire Bishop [Evening Standard] (April 2001)


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Death & Romance in the XXI Century >

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Stitched Heart >

What About Love >

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