Figures in Space

Ongoing series of small ceramic and porcelain sculptures with gilded details • (2018 onwards) •  dimensions variable


"Whereas the older work shows figures trapped in box-shaped buildings, suffering the claustrophobia of being unable to express their individuality, this later work is a flowering. It is as though the earlier figures have escaped to take the shape they were always meant to be. Franko likes to play and these, newer figures are the children of his imagination in the way that the children of his earlier work were the victims of the institutions that contained them. "
- Cross My Heart - Lilian Pizzichini, Trebuchet Magazine


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‘When I first found clay, it was the 1980s and I finally had a channel that wasn’t drugs or anger. I could express the image that was in my head, which is the same image I’m producing now. I recently set up my own studio. I can do things with my hands, I can get dirty, I can be a child. I can be light-hearted. It doesn’t matter.’

- Franko B, from Cross My Heart - Lilian Pizzichini for Trebuchet Magazine

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A collection of small works by Franko B, including ceramic sculptures, wall hangings and ceramic jewellery are available to buy online from (dispatching from the UK) and (dispatching from Italy). [Please note that deliveries between the EU and UK may be delayed by customs checks.]