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The following archives and collections include works or documents by Franko B:

a/political [London]

Tate Archive [London]

Lux Film and Video Archive [London]

British Library [London]

Victoria and Albert Museum [London]

Permanent Collection of The City of Milan

Live Art Development Agency [London]

South London Gallery

European Live Art Archive

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Franko B’s archive is held as part of the Live Art Archives at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection.

The archive covers the last 25 years of Franko’s work and includes material in a wide variety of formats related to his performances, screenings, exhibitions, collaborations, mentoring, books and visual art. There are posters and many photographs of Franko and his work, plus a number of items made from the cloth Franko has bled onto during his performances, including several garments.

In 2018 the University of Bristol Theatre Collection received an award from the Wellcome Trust to conserve and catalogue Franko’s extensive archive. A detailed catalogue will be published in 2020, but items from the archive continue to be accessible in the meantime.

For further information, and access to the archive, please contact Julian Warren, Keeper: Digital and Live Art Archives on +44 [0] 117 33 15186, or email

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