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Volume 2

Exhibition at Galleria Pack [Milan, Italy]

(November 2003 - February 2004)

press release:

Galleria Pack will host the brand new work of Franko B, produced specifically for the exhibition in Milan. The artist has gained international recognition for his performances.

“My work focuses on the visceral, where the body becomes a canvas, a place not mediated for the representation of the sacred, the beautiful, the intangible, the unmentionable, and even pain, love I hate loss, power, fears of the human condition.”

In this exhibition, Franko B exhibits an unusual new aspect of his production, introducing works never seen before. The impact is surprising and unexpected: an exhibition dedicated to the context of the study of painting and the artist.

included works:

Blood canvas >

Circle Paintings >

Painted Objects >

Self-Portrait Sculptures >


Franko B. Milano, Galleria Pack >

Francesca Tollardo [exibart] (November 2004)

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