• Franko B (2009)

Love, videos, exposure, insignificant, powerless, soul, never, Guilliermo, bears, pain, life, refugees, tattoo, shit, fuck, Kira, Lois, I, Kamal, Hepatitis, village, self, promoted, Tim, love, more, love, dinner, Adrian, wounds, sound, refuge, performance, Manuel, falling, Hugo, forced, sucked, flu, unforced, prostitute, deluded, untouchable, uncool, life, useless, hypocrite, obscure, live, Daniel, poison, fear, numbers, transport, vaginal, disappointment, insignificant, me, fearless, scum, anal, rebellious, bad, ghetto, untidy, secure, object, mass, insane, Marcia , Marissa, Amelia, unbearable, intimacy, living, boxes, forbidden, dying, Marina, optimistic, loud, self, opportunistic, isolated, destruction, more, possibilities, beautiful, corrupted, landscape, unfamiliar, ticking, time, Cai, mission, philistine, hiring, front, up, unfriendly, playground, Ill, untouchable, again, egotistic, dying, entertainment , chaos, diseases, firing, elemental, terror, opportunistic, fragment, power, certain, Dominic, land, moral, Manick, home, Jennifer, abandoned, mental, visiting, Tom, war, artist, London, pain, Birmigham, Susie, never, fired, Bristol, Katherine, Donna, unknown, unhealthy, Sheffield, marriage, anarchic, dishonest, for, ever, overwhelming, irrelevance, mother, low, revolutionary, ours, warmth, insecure, birth, maniac, discontinued, taboos, ghettos, living, transmission, bastard, Francesca, believe, over, you, son, free, dirty, insecure, dislocated, heroin, Maria, untouchable, missing, sleazy, lost, radio, cowards, time, less, obsolete, love, Iraq, Seth, swimming, removed, site, mean, Newcastle, insincere, naked, spoiled, drinking, untouchable, meaningful, tired, questioning, freak, mentoring, powerful, liar, everything, Lucille, civilisation, hunted, Bobby, untouchable, let , down, boys, virus, Brick Lane, pricks, lonely, dogs, hurting, yet, cats, speed, saunas, girls, healthy, delinquent, Tehching, respected, dreamers, useful, hurt, inspiring, love, untouchable, students, Rachel, shameless, local, unprofessional, lust, naïve, pain, neon, tea, Ernst, stoned, supportive, untouchable, ghetto, platform, meeting, fitting, electricity, encounters, cold, inside, hot, inside, fear, outside, you, unloved, unsupported, water, deported, marked, luck, immoral, Ron, love, wet , Gill, Soho, journey, bureaucrats, desire, outsider, audience, lights, insider, bad, theatre, unfair, trust, horse, Gina, techno, bread, help, nights, Julie, days, streets, asking, renting, air, crying, years, abused, dreamer, library, wanker, spanked, glory, over, returning, maybe, emotional, home, also, policing, selling, hole, children’s, fascist, speaking, whole, basking, sisters, hate, betting, Michael, running, punk, trannies, ketamine, stupid, luck, abusing, plastic, making, cash, fagot, homeless, untouchable, networking, machine, Helena, salt, victim, blinded, mafia, bleeding, friends, vomiting, sleep, cement, Bob, Guy, Steve, more, discouraged, love, autocracy, and, time, Linda, dead, breeding, love, help, hard, in, replaceable, lovers, promoting, untouchable, station, safe, landscapes, replaced, Annie, Patty, performance, bitterness, live, big, dick, pain, dignified, burden, traffic, x , rated, bruised, tyrant, Colchester, tolerance, pain, food, arts, untouchable, undesired, impossible, flesh, sick, house, opera, irrelevant, bodies, language, dirty, Antony, baby, bubbly, experimental, with, support, Zhang, alone, psychopath, class, out, Liverpool, clear, mothers, desire, birds, angel, more, less, time, reflection, ecstasy, less, fear, JJ, infections, consumed, sounds, fathers, selfish, rated, slowly, more, waste, corrupt, soul, politics, irreplaceable, archive, Glasgow, museums, blood, clubs, self, angst, pimp, pleasing, stupid, attention, same, lover, for, ever, immigrant, rated, curators, individuality, arrogant, seeker, bourgeois, petty, brother, fierce, untouchable, for, ever, to, ignorant, sharks, love, awake, uncompromised, love, again, ready, dance, history, running, expensive, unfriendly, under, right, wing, centre, more, pain, censorship, Lee, mess, less, me, art, selfish, wrong, platform, architecture, stories, fierce, less, sweet, public, stupidity, study, labour, selfless, inspiring, genius, more, us, driven, attention, promise, illegal, sick, liquid, school, security, losers, never, significant, contrived, untouchable, dreams, for, dreamers, importance, untouchable,



published in I Still Love

[24 Ore Cultura] (2010)

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