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Full of Love

Exhibition curated by Luca Beatrice at Marena Rooms Gallery [Turin, Italy]

(April - May 2007)

press release:

Playing a leading role in one of the most intense adventures of the '90s Body art, the art of Franko B achieves new formal definitions, at time surprising.

Over the years, the British-Italian performer has used his body as a 'text book' where to experiment actions, sometimes cruel, alternating them to even intimate, private moments. A man who, in his everyday life, as if it was a traveling exhibition, shows his tattoos which become sign of life, of experience, each with its peculiar meaning or referring to a precise symbol, in the act of becoming an artist who used his own body, covers it thoroughly in white, trying to eliminate any additional information, any possible cultural and biographical superstructure. The body then becomes a container, an empty page waiting to be written, something that can change, becoming something else, openly disclosing what it normally hides inside.



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