Fil Rouge


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Exhibition curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti (FAM) at Nonostantemarras [Milan, Italy]

(February - April 2013)

press release:

This exhibition, entitled Fil Rouge, displays works by the Milanese, London-based performance artist, Franko B, important figure of reference for the body art of the 1990s. His intertwined cotton strings tell of war, the drama of soldiers and the loss of affection that accompany every armed conflict. Red and gold, the dominant colours of his canvases, emerge on the white surfaces.

included works:

Stitches on Canvas >

Love in Times of Pain >

Relics >


Ricucire la Guerra, Dorare la Morte. Franko B da Antonio Marras >

Marta Cereda [Artribune] (March 2013)

Rosso come il sangue >

Valentina Cavera [Insideart] (February 2013)

Amore, Solitudine e Fragilita Secondo Franko B >

Francesca Bonazzoli [Corriere della Sera] (February 2013)

Franko B con Fil Rouge in Mostra a Milano >

[Arts Life] (February 2013)

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