Cartella di Fotografie di Franko B


This selection contains a series of images taken from Franko B’s archives, documenting key moments from this Italian-English artist’s life and performances over the past fifteen years.

‘This selection offers a window into the artist’s work and philosophy, as well as a nod to the power of photography in and of itself, to its ability to mechanically reproduce into infinity that which has taken place just one single time. They are photographs in which the image given back to us is immobile, in which the artist becomes object, photos that animate him and which he animates. Each of these images creates a sort of ‘offstage’ that confers an exterior life, a co-presence to this series of portraits’

Francesca Alfano Miglietti (FAM) - curator

Photographs by: Franko B, Daniel Bolliger, Eva Novillo, Niko Raes, Manuel Vason and Ali Zaidi.

Edition of 150 signed copies [plus ten artist proofs]

Galleria Pack [Milan] (2008)

44 x 44 cm

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Boxed set of ten different prints of Franko B’s work, with a text by Francesca Alfano Miglietti (FAM) [Galleria Pack, Milan]


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